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English Language Lab

English Language Lab Details

English Language skills can be enhanced and learning can be made quicker with the use of a special kind of Language Module. We present to you this product which emphasizes on grammar, speaking ability, which integrates all aspects including pronunciation, Mother Tongue influence, pitch, intonation, speed, stress ect. The module has no external hardware requirement and it is a single unit per child integration. The key features are listed under the features section.

Many features that describe this product is very unique to the school sector catering to the learning for students of all standards prescribed by most of the Education Boards in India.

  1. The module divided into different Levels of learning depending on the standard.
  2. Features simulated interaction by the virtual wizard.
  3. Students individual and group voice recording possible.
  4. Features both audio and video illustrations and examples.
  5. Automatic correction by software or teacher is enabled.
  6. Group recording possible.
  7. Integrates Correction of intonation, modulation and other semantics of speech.
  8. Anytime intervention by the teacher possible targeted to any member of the class.
  9. All in one unit per child basis or can be shared in groups.
  10. No additional software or hardware required.
  11. Incorporates our everyday scenario that improves on an overall child development process.
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